Rubber Stamps

are uniquely suited for a wide variety of techniques and media. They are compact, portable, practically unbreakable and, while non-toxic, are also indigestible... so please don't eat them.


Avoid the heartbreak of crusty rubber by keeping your stamps out of the sun. Contact with petrochemical products and harsh solvents is similarly discouraged.


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Make Art

Rubber stamps are the people's printmaking media. Low tech and high touch, they can be precisely placed for intricate collage-like effects or randomly scattered for background textures and dream-like floating juxtapositions. Have a go and see for yourself. Above are some examples from our studio.

solstice sun art

Manifest Pictorial Zest

The way in which you deploy rubber stamps is limited only by your imagination, but the proof is in the experience. So play with your stamps... proliferate your stamp impressions on various types of paper and other surfaces using the stamp pads and inks of your choice. Watercolor is a wonderful adjunct media, as is India ink, color pencil, and a variety of marker pens... all of which are used in the artwork shown above. Remember, what you stamp on paper can be cut and pasted onto a new background surface, adding to your palette of possibilities. Experiment, explore further and discover. Move beyond concepts and enjoy your activity.